Lumaglass Soleil is a circadian lighting system which mimics the changes in the sun’s natural light throughout the day. Lighting in keeping with our circadian rhythms is beneficial to health, wellbeing and productivity. Glass systems in our Soleil range slowly evolve from a warm white at sunrise to a cool bright white during the day and back to warm at sunset.


Otherwise known as the sleep/wake cycle, our circadian rhythm is the internal clock which controls when we feel tired or alert and energised. As we function in a distinct night/day cycle outside factors like lightness and darkness have a bearing on and can either positively affect or disrupt our natural cycles. Circadian disruption can cause us to feel lethargic and low on energy, for instance after a long haul flight. The feeling of ‘jet lag’ can be attributed to a change or shift in our circadian rhythm.

Good daylighting properties have already proven beneficial to a productive environment and an increase in overall wellbeing, with Lumaglass already providing a system which can achieve favourable daylighting (see glass facades). Circadian lighting can work hand in hand or replicate this providing the benefits of natural light where this is unavailable and emitting a more regulated light cycle regardless of whether it is a grey day or the middle of winter when we are already feeling the effects of less daylight. Circadian lighting can counteract this uneven split of light/dark correcting the artificial tiredness we feel in dark winter months. Most people recognise that sunshine inspires positivity and can greatly affect our moods, many hormones are released or suppressed depending on whether it is light or dark.



From this knowledge our Lumaglass Soleil circadian lighting system has been created. This revolutionary system is most beneficial in areas where light is at a premium and artificial/florescent ‘cold’ sources are traditionally relied on. Lumaglass Soleil automatically changes in colour temperature and light spectrum over a 12, 18 or 24 hour period as required.




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